Overqualified: into the wild

To: Logitech
Re: Control Devices

Dear Logitech,

I am writing to apply for a job as a packaging designer in your Control Devices division. I have included my resume and a sample of my work. In turn, I would like to take this cover letter as an opportunity to see if your company is right for me. I don't know anything about you people.

Yes you're a big brand name. You've got a nice market share. You're like a smart girl with great skin and a powerful job. Sometimes that's not enough.

So I'd like to interview you about this position. I know that this probably isn't standard. I know that I'm supposed to just fit myself into whatever shaped hole you're looking to fill. I'm expected to bend and contort and be glad for the job at all, but fuck that.

It used to be enough. But it's like dating. If you aren't happy with her, there's only so long you can keep on telling yourself, "at least I have someone at all."

I need to be happy, and if that means turning down a job with your company and working at the corner coffee shop, well, a lot of cute guys go into that coffee shop.

Joey Comeau