Overqualified: chessboard

To: Blizzard Entertainment
Re: Level Designer

Dear Blizzard,

I am writing to re-apply for a position with your company. I interviewed yesterday for a position as a level designer, and I know that things did not go well. I wasn't honest with your interviewer.

She asked me, "what's your worst quality?" and I had read online that I should say my worst quality was something positive. Perfectionism. Obsession with detail. Well, I'm not a perfectionist. She knew, and I knew.

If I had yesterday's interview to do over, I would have been honest. I would have said the first, truest thing that came to mind when my interviewer asked, "What would you say is your worst quality?"

I am super into rape games.

My girlfriend and I take turns being the rapist. We have a safe word, and we both really enjoy ourselves, but deep down I feel like this is wrong.

I don't know why this is relevant to the position of level designer for video games, but I long ago stopped trying to understand these psychological interviews. I have done interview after interview with these fake phony stupid answers that I read about online. Maybe being honest will help.

Joey Comeau