Overqualified: A card that could fix things.

To: Hallmark
Re: more greeting card ideas.

Dear Hallmark,

I have two card ideas for you today.

#1 A cartoon drawing of a Calvin-and-Hobbes style father, yelling, angry, eyes bugging. Inside text: Dad, I realized today that I am now older than you were when you were raising me. I'm still so angry, but now I don't know what to think. I have made my mistakes as well.

#2 A drawing of a bashful puppy with a comical bandage around his fluffy jaw. Inside text: It kills me that you're afraid of me now.

I'm happy with the first card, but maybe someone at your offices can help me with the second? It doesn't seem like enough.

I wish there was a card that could fix things.

Joey Comeau