76: barista
75: animals
74: A card that could fix things.
73: safe and sound
72: sugar, come by and get me high
71: chessboard
70: into the wild
69: This must have happened at least once.
68: Utopia awaits!
67: they steal our jobs and our moms, my dad says
66: You have to be yourself.
65: Ugh, granola.
64: Stalking is so commercial now!
63: APPLE: fixes before breaks
62: FX: Am I right, ladies? Am I right?
61: The RIAA: A hobby should pass the time, not fill it.
60: BBC: why not choose love?
59: Gillette: The best a man can get.
58: MYSPACE: cats or lesbians.
57: Toyota: Marketing.
56: Random House: A Young Lady's Primer.
55: HBO: Yellow fever.
54: WAL-MART: Nice women don't want the panties.
53: FOX: I cut the bit about sex.
52: Bill Gates: Money is so awesome.
51: RAND Corporation: Please don't send this one back
50: Nintendo: "make an equation of love"
49: amazon: already
48: Hallmark: Know what I mean?
47: FRITO LAY: I'm so, so sorry. (this OQ is for Sheryl)
46: Microsoft: March 15th: I'm pregnant. It isn't his.
45: APPLE.COM: in 1984 I was still my momma's boy.
44: NYPD: It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it.
43: GMAIL: Conspiracy theories?
42: THE FCC: My resume indicates a previous position avec your mom?
41: THE RIAA: Where's Willy?
40: YAHOO.COM: Chkm8_slutz.
39: back in black!
38: letter of apology for #37
37: My father was a great man
36: the time of my life
35: what have children got to do with it?
34: The Puerto-Rican girl reminded me of my mother.
33: It must cost a lot to feed a dog like that
32: If you want to sing out, sing out.
31: If I don't get this job there is no god.
30: Soiled Soiled Soiled Soiled Soiled Soiled JUS-TICE
29: Lend me that book and you can be sure I'll see you again!
28: Have you got cervix in a can? Well you'd better let her out!
27: maybe i should buy you a book on being prettier
26: You can't hand out candy apples with broken thumbs.
25: I wonder if another woman is what we really need.
24: There's two ways this can go
23: clean your body with fire
22: I'm coming down there
21: the relevance of background checks
20: All these scraps with no signatures.
19: Run on, love. Run on.
18: Newspapermen need love too.
17: Art vs Life! TITLE BOUT.
16: no longer poetry but noise
15: Dear Mister Mayor
14: a magnet shaped like a kitten
13: you're such a child
12: Doomed. You are doomed.
11: silver shears
10: The demon in Joey
9: A recent example
8: I need to be a chicken farmer
7: JOB SKILL: I show initiative
6: Dicta space Typist
5: Trial and error are my speciality.
4: I am an activation enthusiast
3: Making a play for power.
2: My dead family and I are in your debt
1: I had a problem