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Here are some of the things that Joey has written Go to the comic site above if you're looking for Overqualified, or the interviews. Or click here to read some stories from his short story collect, It's Too Late to Say I'm Sorry. Below are some stories from that book, and some other, more recent work.

One Bloody Thing After Another (2008, With Emily Horne, photographer)

I don't think it's possible for me to describe just how much I love horror movies and stories. This is a serialized horror story, with photographs by Emily Horne. It's about a young girl whose whole family are turning into monsters, and it's also about an old man and his dog Mitchie.

Where are you off to now? (Terminus)

This was the first story I sold for over fifty dollars. Man was I excited. It's about this guy who deviates from the preplanned bike tour that it is his job to lead, and instead leads the tourists on a bike tour of his old neighbourhood (and of his ex-girlfriends in particular). What could happen next? The story was based on this Overqualified. Plagiarism!

1e4 (Eyeshot)

I'm obsessed with the idea of hidden messages. Secret communication. Codes and secret societies. See also, this Overqualified.

Linux Device Drivers (Eyeshot)

I used to program computers, so I have all these manuals lying around. I had, at one point, every book O'Reilly made about perl and regular expressions. Chew on THAT! print "yes"&"no"for(1..3) Secret codes and chess.

The girl who couldn't come

This is a story I wrote for a magazine tour that Broken Pencil invited both Emily and I to participate in! My mom came to the reading which was pretty awkward, given the content! When I didn't have money for a power bill, I put this story online in order to raise funds. It worked!

The Historian (Strange Horizons)

I am also obsessed with the idea of biography. My two favourite books are Beautiful Shadow: the biography of Patricia Highsmith, and CAPOTE. Becky Cloonan illustrated this, and that is AWESOME.

Historians and Degenerates (Strange Horizons)

More biography, but not the same sort of story at all. A man's wife vanishes, jumps off the grid, writes a tell all sex biography about their love life.

The Machine (Strange Horizons)

A priest and a scientist walk into a bar, looking for a miracle. Ugly little hologram children. A machine that records every instant of every day and people are still arguing about what's what!

Lockpick Pornography

You can read lockpick pornography online for free, if you'd like. We originally released the first seven chapters, unedited and serialized. Then, in 2008 we put up the pdf of the finished, edited, ten chapter book. Go to town, dear friends.

You can also buy it for ten bucks! This is about a group of angry and silly and handsome young people who decide to corrupt the youth of today for a good reason.

Math stories

These are a few stories that I thought it would be fun to write. They're a bit, uh, dirty! Also, maybe you'll like them!



Halt! is an essay I wrote about my short stint as a security guard. I worked for a company called Securitas. They are bucket-fillers.

Email me if you like any of these!